Ray Quad intersection not working?

Well, I have a problem I need to detemine the collision point between a quad and my view

   private void input() {
         case World3D :{
            Camera cam = Core.myself.getCamera();
            this.campos = cam.getLocation();
            this.aim = cam.getDirection(this.aim);


   private void process(boolean cursor) {
      if(cursor && this.refreshFlags == 0){
          mouseRay = new Ray(this.campos,this.aim);
          System.out.println(cresults.size());  //only prints 0 no matter where I look...
          if(cresults.size() > 0){
             Vector3f hitp = cresults.getClosestCollision().getContactPoint();
             this.cursorgeom.setLocalTranslation(hitp.x, hitp.y,zdis);

Actually it seems to work, but only if i don't move the quad ever around.

Also if I use a different  size than 1,1 I have to call updateModelBounds manually, however it still seems that the boundingbox does not translate with the visible model.

Probably an error in the refresh flag stuff.

Are there any know solutions / workarounds?

I’d like to bump this thread.

I’d also like to add that if i don’t move the quad, it returns “true” no matter where in the view port i click.