RC 2 Early Impressions

HI all, wanted to give some feed back on rc2.

android (asus transformer 300) performance is up significantly for my game,

went from ~36 to 57+ fps.

oddly my desktop performance dropped from ~3000 to 2300-2400fp.

My game’s target device is primarily android so I’m a happy camper :slight_smile:

still need do more investigation buts looking good :slight_smile:


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Your framerate on desktop was so high already that it’s hard to say if that is a really significant performance drop or not. It dropped from “50 times faster than my monitor can display” to “40 times faster than my monitor can display”. I mean, there may be something there but we’re only talking about a sub-millisecond difference in frame times. Games that run at more normal frame rates might not see any difference at all… depending on what the issue actually is.

Still worth keeping an eye on, I guess.

There were many improvements to the Android renderer, I guess the FPS improvement makes sense. Once the new lighting system is in, it will be even faster.