Reading from assets.jar

A friend’s JME3 project reads assets from an assets.jar which he throws into his lib folder.

I formerly used the raw filesystem for this, having an “assets” folder hierarchy and FileLocators registered … things worked fine.

However, I am not sure to tell my assetmanager to read from assets.jar. Looking at my friend’s code, there appears to be nothing remotely akin to my assetManager.registerLocator() calls to point the AM at it.

Is assets.jar somehow hardcoded into JME3 so that the AM looks inside it? If so, how does it know to where to find this jar? Is that a matter of it being on the classpath?


edit: I have it working now… I will mark this resolved, but I am still curious on the how and why of finding assets.jar

The classpath is always part of the assetmanager root.