Reading .mesh.xml

I would like to read sometimes my .mesh.xml files inside jMonkeyPlatform, but I only can open

it in sceneviewer. Cant even change that .xml to .txt, it adds .xml anyway to the end.

Maybe adding “Read file” to right-click menu should be done? (feature request :slight_smile: )

(or maybe Im missing some plugin?)

Yeah, when opening j3o files is more unified we can add that back to the menu.

And reading .scene files from editor would be nice too.

Noticed a bug: one cant open .scene -file to sceneviewer (and cant convert to j3o binary either) if

there is spotlight used (it doesnt complain about spotlight, it just dont do anything).

Yes you can convert .scene files, its a crash in the importer, check the warning sign in the lower right.

Ah, I forgot that lower right corner (there is 2 update sign, and didnt notice that red error message)…