Ready to help with OS X

Sorry we lost Jeramie.

Keenly aware at how oafish I appear with some of the rather low obstacles that stymie me, but I have an OS X machine as well as a PC and a keen desire to see jME support both.

I’d be happy to help with some “journeyman” coding tasks if you can point out classes that need recoding. I may not be able to address them all, but I can do the simple quite easily. I take it use of AWT needs to be eradicated? That should be easy for me, in cases where the math is not going to exceed my talents.


Right, Jeramie determined that the use of AWT in any way broke LWJGL on Mac. So, he was able to get TGA loading to use no AWT. So, basically, we need to work with TextureManager to remove all AWT usage. If you know anything about image loading this would be great. Because we rely on AWT for JPEG, GIF, PNG and whatever else is supported by AWT’s Image.

BTW, I looked at this somewhat, and the proposed work would not be up my alley at all (e.g.: texture loaders).

Sorry for the false hopes.