Real images in jMonkeY?


I'm new at this and I'm wondering if I should use JMonkey for my project… But in order to do so, I'm dependent on applying real images as textures for the objects… Does anyone know if this is possible?


As opposed to fake images?

llama said:

As opposed to fake images?

Haha.. No, I mean real images, as in photographs. If i create the objects with a certain geometry, is it possible to paste photographs as textures then?

Ah, well yes you can. If you look in the examples you'll see all kinds of image formats are supported.

Depending on your videocard you might have some size restrictions though.

Ah… Good!

My plan is to create a virtual presentation of a building at my university… Do you think this is possible to do in jMonkey? I've been thinking about using Blender as well, but the problem is that I want to use the virtual world as a framework to play small java-games…

If you have any tips, it would be amazing!

Ok. I have already created much of the world in Blender using the same principle as in quicktime VR, namely projecting a panoramic image to a cylindrical plane.

In addition, the games are already written in Java so the only thing I have to find is a dynamic way of connecting the Blender world to the Java games.

Will it be tedeous work to create a similar world in jMonkey? I know a bit of programming, but not at expert-level…

Perhaps you should investigate Project Wonderland on the web, it uses jme as the client and builds the server side comms and postional tracking for you.

it uses jme as the client

I think there was talks of this (so exciting!  XD) but I don't know if it ever went beyond that...

Of Course maybe Im wrong:

To support these goals, we've been working on a ton of new features.  We've moved our core graphics to be based on the more modern jMonkeyEngine.  We've reimplemented avatars from scratch.  We've added support for the COLLADA graphics format, which gives us access to new tools like Softimage and Sketchup.

Maybe we can get them to give back some of there Collada stuff...