Realizing game ideas with JME

Hi community,

I started with JME a few weeks ago and worked my way through different tutorials, had some looks at the code repository of the SDK and did some trial and error testing while working with different concepts of the engine.

What I want to do is some kind of “Breakout”-clone in 3D space, but although I am relatively sure how the game will work I cannot get started with it. The problem is that I have no clue about how to organize my project in JME or which steps I need to perform in order to plan the realization of a game in JME.

So my question is: Is there some kind of development method / planning tool that helps me to think about the structure of my game in JME? For example: make a list of screens the user can see, because everything is a AppState. (just an example. :slight_smile: )

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Well creating a game is not really a hard structured process.

But making up your mind, is usually a good idea,

draw the screen you want to use , design the guis, make lists with all objects and their properties.

There is a “best practices” section in the Documentation however this is no “one trick pony game maker”, its a game engine, you have to have an idea on how you want to structure your code, else you won’t get far.

I’d suggest breaking down your idea to something simple that works towards your end goal and implement that. Use your experience doing that to then do something more complicated and repeat.

Doing this will let you build up towards your desired end result and the experience you get trying the simple things should let you learn what does and doesn’t work as you move onto bigger projects.


Step 1: get a bat on screen and controllable by player

Step 2: get a ball bouncing around an empty room

Step 3: get bat and ball hitting each other

Step 4: add Gui/intro screen


Don’t be scared to go back and refactor or even rewrite what you did in the first few steps as you learn more going through the project.