Really screwed up graphics, something wrong with jme?

ok something is going horribly wrong right now for me.

I can't describe so here are some screen shots

its everywhere that java goes, graphics are screwed up, any ideas?

edit: scratch that, something wrong with my computer even unreal tournament is working :frowning:

Be sure you dont feed youre computer mushrooms, digital psychedelic trips … 8)

does any body have any clue as if to what could be causing this?

I've reinstalled my driver and even directx… this could be bad…

Update the drivers if not yet done it, i had very similar crazyness (poligons gone to infinity) with custom notebook drivers.

Try the graphics card manufacturers website - some have activex controls that detect the appropiate drivers via a webpage.

i got the leadtek drivers from their page… no luck… uh oh

i now realize that even windows media player and winamp are having trouble, when i use software rendering the graphics seem to work better. I'm thinking that my video card is fried…