Really weird bug involving multiple monitors and MouseInput

This seems like a low level bug (in lwjgl). You might have a better luck having it fixed if you can reproduce it in a pure lwjgl application and post it on lwjgl forums.

EDIT: I'm sure jme devs will have a look at it, but you can't reproduce the bug (because of the lack of dual monitor) then you can't fix it. And if it's on lwjgl level (which is very likely), then you will save time by reproducing it in lwjgl and reporting it to lwjgl devs.

I played around a bit with copy-pasting stuff from LWJGLMouseInput into the HelloWorld program from the lwjgl wiki and found the cause:

The destroy(); function should not set the cursor to invisible before destroying it, as that causes the freeze.

public void destroy() {
   //setCursorVisible(false); - Remove this line

I have no idea if there is a reason why the cursor is set to invisible before destruction, or how to upload changes to the CVS so I'll leave that to someone else.

Hmm, but probably that line is there on purpose, because without it other OS' show issues? Can anyone remember something about it?

slightly confused… is this an lwjgl bug or jme ?

Well, if lwjgl tells us to avoid grabbing the mouse before destroying it, it's definately a jME bug. If not, I guess, the method should not cause a hangup, and it's an lwjgl bug, right?