Realtime Pathfinding Project

Hi Guys,

I’m still working on my master thesis research project at Institut Technology Sepuluh Nopember. In this thesis I propose new realtime pathfinding solution by combining Minimal Memory Abstraction with Neural Network. For simulation and pathfinding testbed I’m using JME 3.0. After the project finished we will publish this project as open source project (may be next 2 months later) . Below the video what I have done :


Eriq Adams


Hello eriqadams ^^ Any news on your work? It seems to be really good!

Looks nice Eriq.

One tweak you can do is when the actor is walking (after the path is generated) is to have it look ahead at the next waypoint in the path. If it has a direct line of sight to that waypoint , look at the next one, and repeat until you encounter a waypoint that you cannot directly see (no obstructions). Then move to the previous one you just checked. Doing this will straighten out your path and avoid some of those zig-zags.

Also, are you generating a nav mesh? I have a plugin for jmp that generates nav meshes; I haven’t released it yet. If it would be of use to you I can release it sooner than I had planned (which was going to be after beta is released).

Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters

Take a look at those applets. Wow, that’s good work. I’ll probally port from the C++ project. I really liked his work.

Really nice! I desire the path finding will be in jme core!

This is 2D-pathfinding? A* or so? I used A* with C# when writed some time ago my unfinished diablo-clone game with Horde3D, Im going to port that gamecode it to jme, and pathfinding (not written by me) is important thing that it needs.

Hopefully your pathfinding code will be some other free license than GPL (it just is “no no” to me).