Realtime soft shadows?

yes? no? of course? impossible? performance killer?

i'd like to add flickering soft shadows to my dungeon. can jme do this?

I say YES

the more Triangles your scene has, so faster are Softshadows against StencilShadows.

But for the Flickering you just need a LightMap I would say.

I thought soft shadows used stenciling but with several passes (like 4) to soften, so wouldn't that just kill jMEs performance??

Official in SoftShadows will be set a camera on a LightPosition, and the ZBuffers are written in an Depthmap. With this texture will be calculated, if a Pixel is in Light or not.

What You mean are StencilShadows with Smoothing. They are realy cool, and seem so far like normal StencilShadows. But the LightMap will pe put on, in the old normal way, with projected texture.

the Speed of Softshadows depends on the Texture Size. You can make a small texture, but than the shadows look ugly. I saw her in JME Forum, that the guys from Nord smotthed them, but don't know, how they did it.

the advantage of Softshadow are, you have only one Texture per Light (plus one Lightmap if you want), doesn't matter how many Triangles are in Game.

and it can react on AlphaTextures, what StencilShadows never can do :slight_smile:

If You ask me for Code, I'm sorry, I player a bit with that. But finished nothing, because other stuff had priority. When I'm so far like you with your game, I will also think about effects again  :smiley:

projected texture? will that do the trick?


hmm, your fire should light like pointLights. make it brighter and darker is no problem.

But the Lightmap must be rendered as CubeMap, like the Skydome of jme.

I'm not sure if the Projected Textures in JME support CubeMaps.

Question to the others: Do they support it?

Interests me too  :lol:

let me specify my question:

how can i do it using the features jme offers? is there a test?

If You would change the Monkey Texture with an (perhaps animated) fire texture and project it from up in your Dugeons it can look already quite cool