Rear View mirror

I’m developing a car game and I want to put a rearview mirror to show the rear of the car. Now I have a Camera that looks at rear, but i want a mirror efect, and i don’t know how can I do this. I tried to invert camera’s projection matrix but the viewport not show the image that I want.


//Define new camera and set his location, lookAt and viewport situation.

camTrasera = cam.clone();

camTrasera.setViewPort(0.39f,0.61f ,0.76f,0.94f);

camTrasera.setLocation(new Vector3f(0, 3, 0));

camTrasera.lookAt(lookAtRear, Vector3f.UNIT_Y);

//Show camera view into a new viewport

ViewPort view2 = renderManager.createMainView(“Camara trasera”, camTrasera);

view2.setClearFlags(true, true, true);

//To update Camera’s position I have this function:

public void updateMirror(Vector3f lookAtRear, Vector3f cameraPos){

camTrasera.lookAt(lookAtRear, Vector3f.UNIT_Y);




//When I want to update parameters of camera, I call updateMirror function in main:

display.updateMirror(car.getSpatial().localToWorld(new Vector3f(0,3,-15), null),car.getSpatial().localToWorld( new Vector3f( 0, 3, 0), null));

Thank you in advance

render to texture ?

i think if u place the texture on a negative scaled quad u will get a mirror. or the back face of a quad with no face cull.

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