Recently started working on an open-source adventure/rpg game

I made a while ago. Instead of continuing in that topic I thought I’d make a new one.

I go to an IT-school where we get 100 hours to do a project that has something to do with IT. I choose to make a game in jMonkeyEngine as I’ve done a year ago:

This time I’m working with a friend from another class that studies 3D design. So our plan is that he do all the graphics and I do the programming.

At first I wanted to make an RPG-game but right now it’s looking more like an adventure game in which I will add RPG-elements. I decided to skip networking since it would take up a lot of energy and time and instead work on other elements of the game. Maybe I’ll make a 2D online game in the future.

The story so far:

You are an alien traveling in space. Suddenly a comet hits your spaceship and you crash land on an unknown planet. You then make contact with the native tribes there.

Not much more is planned yet and even if it was I’m not gonna spoil the story :stuck_out_tongue:

Source code: GitHub - WASDi/BigGameProject: Made with jMonkeyEngine

GUI design I just made up in paint from a screenshot:

First part of the intro cinematic:

I’m gonna post updates in this thread every know and then. Feel free to look at my source and suggest improvements :smiley:


Kewl, good luck and have heaps of fun :slight_smile: Working together as a programmer and graphics/visual editor is really what the SDK was made for, hope to get some feedback from you guys.

sounds really cool, good luck man

I’ve almost finished my terrain now. I moved from Terrain.j3md to TerrainLighting.j3md and added the 4 textures I’m intending to use. Sand, grass, snow, road.

Screenshot with low LOD:

Still needs some work. I’m not sure how to get rid of those black spots that you see. The code for loading it is initTerrain() currently on line 153 in BigGameProject/ at master · WASDi/BigGameProject · GitHub


The closest NPC automatically gets targeted, indicated by the blue box for now. Yellow sphere means you should talk do that NPC for a quest. In this case Sandberg said what the chatarea says and McSand is the NPC with the yellow sphere.

Source code of which I am satisfied with: BigGameProject/ at master · WASDi/BigGameProject · GitHub

The superclass contains documentation.

The next big step will be combatsystem and enemies.

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cool, this is coming together really nicely. When do we get a video ? :slight_smile:

@thetoucher said:
cool, this is coming together really nicely. When do we get a video ? :)

There is the a short video of the intro cinematic in my main post which I think you've already seen. The next video will probably be a trailer once the game is released.