I have been in a noobish java gameing community for a while and have just found JME and I was wondering what programms people would recomend to start building a somewhat basic mmorpg. What should I use for the models? world? and physics? It would help if they were gui based because I am still learning the language. What do u think about mokey world and rpg toolbar?

You could start with the Wiki:

Unfortunately, there are not many tools that would allow you to create a point and click implementation of a MMORPG (otherwise everyone would have one  ) In particular, an MMO is the worst starting project for beginner programmers both because its complexity, and because of the amount of assets you would need.

Very talented people have tried and failed to create one themselves… others are still in the process  :wink: (no one has succeeded that I know of).

Try making a mmorpg where you are in a chat room and you can battle other players with a text-based interface… This is the most basic mmorpg you could ever make.