I am just learning and getting into computer programming and I would like to ask if this is the way to start, by using jmonkeyengine 3. I understand the basic fundamentals of how programming works and a little theory behind it, but I look at the tutorials and my brain just freezes.

Anyways my main question is: What steps should I take to become a better programmer. What should I focus on to begin with.

the steps to become a good programmer, is to become a really bad programmer first. Learn from your mistakes, and keep building upon them. Any learning is useful, youtube, books, random tutorials on the internet. Everyone has a different way of learning, so I can’t say what will work for you. I started by reading this book:

To get a core understanding, then theres plenty of references all over the internet. Take it all in, experiment with it. Its not gonna happen overnight, but keep at it. The more experience you get the better.

Well I have Taken c++ in college, and I have seen ALOT of tutorials, including watching buckys tutorials from

It just seems I end up staring at the screen and my mind just goes bleh

Like I understand the methods and classes part of it, but I feel like im missing an important part of programming that just isn’t in the books.

Getting started is actually one of the harder things to do when programming.

Think of something really simple to make. No not that, something simpler. No not that either - still more simple.

Now pick the tutorial that is closest to what you have in mind (or even the tutorial that contains one of the things you need).

Use that as the starting point add or change things one at a time to take steps towards your goal.

Once you’ve achieved your goal take a look at what you have and how it works. Now design a better way to do it and write it again using the better way.

Do that a third time and by now you probably have a decent architecture and enough experience to take on a larger project.