Recommendations for the realization of a 3D application

Hi guys.

I need a your help.

I must make an application in JavaMonkeyEngine structured as follows:

As soon as it launches you should see a sort of on a desk with a monitor, a notebook and a bulletin board with the front wall and the side wall of the right and left. All of this with regard to graphics.

Regarding the functions the user must have the ability to open PDF documents and can insert notes in the bulletin board on the wall.

I have to make compulsory in JavaMonkeyEngine.

Can you tell me if these are feasible all my demands or part?

Can you tell me where I can find the code snippet where you can take a leaf?

In short, any advice from you is welcome

Regards Michael.

I never tried running it myself, but looking at their previews and feature descriptions I think Project Wonderland is already doing all of the things you describe, i.e. interactive props like a working monitor.

hello, I had a look at the project that you have kindly indicated.

I watched the site for the project and I think I read that you can download the files .java project and I can change them at will, right???

I look forward to hear from you.

Regards Michael

Huh? I thought there would be no more confusion from here :smiley: At OpenWonderland the download area is clearly indicated, and you can even choose between the source or binary.

I linked you to the old website first because it provides a quick and dirty overview of the project’s history. OpenWonderland is where you want to be though :wink: