Recommended Blender videos

I don’t know about you guys but I’m constantly in the “still learning” phase of Blender and I latch onto whatever clicks for me from a tutorials direction.

Even though they aren’t tutorials, I’ve really leveled up my Blender-fu by watching this guy’s 10 minute modeling videos:

Here was the first one that showed up in my feed because I was like “How the heck is he going to make 10 cars in 10 minutes?!?!”

Sometimes he learns things as he goes from youtube comments on previous videos and starts incorporating them. I’ve learned probably more little workflow tips from this series than all of the other videos I’ve watched… and probably mostly just through repetition. I actually remember the weird special keys now instead of hunting for them… even though I only heard him say it 20 times instead of actually doing it myself.

And now I’ve watched them all and wait patiently for each new one. Today’s castle modeling video I’m saving for a sweet after-dinner desert tonight.


I found the various “lazy blender tutorials” from this playlist very useful. Lazy Tutorials - YouTube

Basically dude explains how to make something pretty advanced in blender. In 1 minute or so. Following along with the tutorial takes a lot more than 1 minute, but the results are pretty good usually.


Hahah. Those are good, too. More like little bites of candy, though. :slight_smile:

I will definitely be eating the whole bowl of candy.