Recording to mpeg

Hi all,

Is there a way to capture a jME scene frame by frame to create in a video stream, i.e. mpeg?


I guess it depends on your purpose…if you just want to do a capture from jME you can always use FRAPS, it's a utility that will allow you to capture OpenGL video to a file.

If you want more than that you could probably output the screen buffer frame-by-frame and then use some application to process it back in.

Thanks Darkfrog,

FRAPS sounds like what I'm looking for, i'll look into it  :wink:

FRAPS seems to only be for Windows, I'm a Unix kinda guy :slight_smile:

Also, I need to be able to start the video capture from within my code, i.e. capture for the next 10,000 frames then stop, then when a certain event occurs start capturing again to another file etc… Is there anyway of doing this?


Look into VirtualDub, I have the windows version, but I believe they have a Linux version as well.