Recovering from a loss: missing repos

So as some of you may know, a community member decided to leave recently and took all of their repos with them.

This is my attempt at trying to pull them all of the available forks into one place so folks can still find them and aren’t left totally in a lurch.

Here are a few I’ve seen:

Please add other links of you have recent forks of other similarly “missing” repositories.



Ali left?

No, jayfella left and deleted his repos. So I’m trying to put all of the forks people made in one place so folks aren’t totally left out.

What about sponsoring? Whos doing web site now?

Different topic… so just briefly: Ric is trying to get a handle on the server stuff and move everything to a less expensive host.

still missing jme-graphics. If someone has it I would be very grateful.

I only have the jme-graphics-1.1.1.jar library, but I think the project can be easily rebuilt starting from it.
I downloaded the file a few days ago. If necessary I can send it to you by email.

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That’s sad news.

I’ve got jme-jfx-11

Github is behaving oddly and suggesting I forked it from devent/jme-jfx-11, but I believe I forked from (the now non-existent) jayfella/jme-jfx-11. I have more recent commits in my version than devent/jme-jfx-11 anyway


That’s a feature of github, it will take a fork as the new main repo when the original repo si deleted.

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what was jme-graphics about? i do not remember this one.

We have proxy repo here that cache everything that projects use(with source too, if clicked “download sources”).

But i think i we dont have this package, since i dont remember this one.

I think it was an appstate for centrally managing all graphics settings from one place.


ah, ok, i thought its some jcenter package of jme, ok, didnt even knew about this one.


@danielp @tlf30 here is one:


Its not message directly to you, but to community. (i just refer to your post from other topic)

Im happy Store will be back probably.(as open source one)

just want to say that as i seen it uses a lot of third party code, so IMO it could not be safe code in future(some libs might conflict later/etc). It wasnt working well too, can report issues later in github page if there will be one.

This are all able to fix, anyway in future it might need some rewrite to have more stable code, its just my opinion.

-.- I have cancelled the sponsorship for Jayfella. I don’t understand why he deleted his repos.


Jay says if you contact him about missing repos with no fork then he will send you a zip.

…I was hoping that all of them had been forked by “someone” since then we’ll have history for them, etc…

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From now on I will fork everything instead of giving out stars.


nah, i did quick fork over most important repos i knew(since it was to predict).

Anyway Ali also had earlier forked many.

If JME packages would be lost, we have proxy repo here with backup too, so its 100% secure here. (i just need click “download sources” to be sure it go via proxy to be safe)

Store was closed code(if im not wrong), so i were unable to fork.

@alrik well, i were attacked by people year ago about wanting money spent be more clear, i belive it will at least now be, i hope. Anyway if you want support, i hope Riccardo will want create Open Collective or just own Patreon. First one would be great i think, see

But its all up to current Engine Leaders to decide, since it also require many things to manage.


Store was a private repo, I guess. Whether it becomes a public one or not (and I think it will but that’s not really my thing), we still needed a license that let us continue development, else it was copyright to jay.