Recovering from a loss: missing repos

Yes, and i thank you a lot for write this posts.

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And just for the record, regarding my own open source presence in this world, never in my wildest “chuck it all and move to a beach” fantasies have I ever considered deleting my repositories, forked or not. (Heck, as recently as ~2 years ago, I’d still answer the occasional e-mail about my Neverwinter Nights modding utilities.) I’ve had an open source presence since 2002 I think… on sourceforge back then.

Even if I ever become disheartened enough to shut down my company and give up completely on my simsilica brand (or org.progeeks, etc.) (what a depressing idea)… I’m not going to delete those repos. I’ll leave them there until someone wants to transfer them or whatever.

That’s my promise. You can fork them, of course… but you also don’t have to worry about them disappearing underneath you.

(I’ve even been providing limited support on the private MOSS repos that patrons get to see… and that’s not release-ready at all and I told myself I wouldn’t provide support. I can’t help it, though. :))


Thanks, thats how people normally do :slight_smile: i never even thought that some promises to be required.

its not normal that i was able to “predict” what just happened to recent repos - this is not normal.

As i suggested 1 year ago, i will suggest again:

  • Make on homepage link to Patreons with list of Patreons:
  • Paul(Patreon)
  • Riccardo
  • SGold
  • Dark
  • etc.
    and just Store setting so people can setup own patreons.

Its very clear and there would be not just one link to single person that might be wrong person for it.

or could jsut use Open Collective

anyway Need promote your, and if others also have, then other Patreons.

I wish your patreon to be as supported as Jay even still have now. For a beer or pizza or just some nice software tools to help you, i dont care since its not just single person that do not share with other devs. :slight_smile:

Anyway it also looks like there will be Open Collective that could help a lot.

It’s funny because my in-forum profile popup seems to cut off exactly right at the link. lol.

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you know, i didnt even noticed you have it in profile :smiley: had it from simsilica site,

but yes, one less character you need in profile to show full link.

Yep, I just removed a few and now it shows up.

Yeah I don’t get it either. It seems really dramatic going from “lets save jme” to “lets delete jme”… It feels like he ripped us off.

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my emotions were telling me “write there in topic that its not needed”, but i didnt.

Anyway, we all have some strong feelings and I do recommend that folks vent in whatever way they find productive… but probably not in this particular thread. (Discord is probably the best place since it’s transient.)

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Right, sorry.

About sponsoring i belive also will need another topic.

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I put together a quick simple caveman mirror service, and mirrored all the repos in this post to: jME (Archive) · GitHub (please double check)

If you resurrect more repos, please PR them to the list here:

they will be added to the queue.
The syntax is simple: One https cloning url per line followed by an optional #originaluser to override the repo owner name (just like in this case, where we want them to say mirrored from jayfella/XXX in the description and not from your github handle).

I will eventually attach this to the store, so that it can create a private mirror of every repo we have there, so that if this happens again, we can evalutate if the repo can be restored (license, reason of deletion etc) and eventually make the mirror public.


@RiccardoBlb great job

need put this into some repo too:

since this one is like exception. im not sure who use it, didnt even know earlier about it.

Yeah, please do it and add the repo to the list. Is there a way to recover the and build.gradle too? I guess they are not included in the source.jar

@tlf30 are you able to create repo for it? since im not using it, so can’t test repo easly. Not even sure if this are files you needed.

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Yes, I downloaded them, they are the correct files. I will create a repo.

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My repos were deleted because unlike virtually everybody here, they don’t have over 50 repositories they no longer want to maintain. I have no use for them, and don’t want clutter for projects I will be actively working in a sea of things I don’t support. Having to traverse through 2-3 pages of repos you don’t want just to find one. As you are obviously aware they are ALL still available from forks, and any that aren’t I have already said numerous times that I’d happily give them in a zip.

It’s little wonder I was unable to work under this negative attitude. I gave everything I had. You have everything I gave. I was under no obligation to provide anything other than a store. Out of my constant determination to make JME better I created all of these projects for everyone and all I get is ridicule. And yet from this topic alone you can see how important my work actually was. The negativity is shocking.

“i punched him, but i had reason! so im ok”. Please, stop. not all repos were forked before i made it, and even after. (thanks Ali had most too)

i Feel negative attitude now from your side trying show that we are bad here and in each new topic.
Ricc JUST wanted help you… and i wanted help you with your JME toolset in later time too.
And many people give you like and good comments.
where was the problem? Before this event was good attitude.

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Good luck, guys, seriously. Just wow. Astonishing.

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LOL. I mean, the fact that you don’t see that you were purposely trying to turn the knife a little is unreal. You are right that you are under no obligation to do anything… but you have to admit, a post saying “I need to delete my repositories, you have 24 hours to grab them if you want them. End of discussion.” would have been more professional than just deleting them and disappearing.

You were upset and you wanted to make everyone who liked your stuff a little upset. It’s understandable but let’s not pretend it’s anything other than what it was.

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But then again I didn’t have to because I could see quite clearly that 2 people had already done so on my GitHub front page.