Recrafting Minecraft. No clone. ACTUAL Minecraft. Project Open Source

Hey there are you still working on it? Give me source code and I can start helping! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m still working on it :slight_smile: I will set up a github for it. Futhermore figure out how to upload files to github…


Github is driving me made wont seem to upload anything until i figure it out, send me an email:

Subject: Minecraft In JMonkeyEngine

Leave a comment here and your name / username

This applies to everyone

Just sent an email to you,
I’m Neomex000 on github.

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Never knew someone could have such an addiction for making minecraft clones…

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To keep you all upto date, this is how the project currently looks most of the credit is to goto jchappelle and i think his friend, since they have been working on the project whilst i finished up with college work.

As you can see it is looking nice. Github is included.

Github: GitHub - jcraft-team/jcraft2: Rewrite of JCraft


Looks nice :+1: