Recursive Infinite loop


I just integrated findbugs in my hudson server, and it found this here:

I guess the second method shall call the native one, but does not. (ignore the Vector3d, its in the normal bindinga s well, just checked)


IL: There is an apparent infinite recursive loop in com.jme3.bullet.collision.PhysicsCollisionEvent.getPositionWorldOnA(Vector3d)

This method unconditionally invokes itself. This would seem to indicate an infinite recursive loop that will result in a stack overflow.

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public Vector3f getPositionWorldOnA() {

return getPositionWorldOnA(new Vector3f());


public Vector3f getPositionWorldOnA(Vector3f positionWorldOnA) {


return positionWorldOnA;


private native void getPositionWorldOnA(long manifoldPointObjectId, Vector3f positionWorldOnA);


Yeah might be but… You added that :wink:

actually, no

The resultobject used is not from me

I did stuff with the rays, this is the normal collision stuff

Kk, the whole collision stuff is contributed and the implementation is a bit suboptimal, I’ll fix this one when I’m back on a computer but its due for a rewrite anyway, after 3.0 for 3.1