Redefining MouseLook

Hello all.

I am wanting to redefine how the MouseLook works, so that only when I have the right mouse button clicked (how I’m going to handle that in Mac remains to be seen) will the scene rotate. I also want to limit the rotation around the X axis.

(Edit) I’d also to redefine the mouse wheel to zoom in/out allong the Y axis.

I just want to check if there is already an internal mechanism to do this, or if I will need to look into tossing together my own MouseLook class.


You’ll have to define your own class to do this, nothing within jME handles this. Should be pretty easy though.

You beat my EDIT. :slight_smile: I just wanted to check about the mouse wheel too.

But I’ll start working on my own class then. I am wondering where the best place to check the restictions are? That is – should I look for the right mouse in “performAction” of my MouseLook, or is there a better solution?