Reducing the update frequency of a controller

Is it possible to change the frequency a controller gets updated in?

Or do I have to do it manually by storing the last time it got called and just skip the execution of the code within my controller if the time wasn't long enough?

That would be the way to do. Controllers get updated in the via updateGeometricState() (specifically inside of updateWorldData() method) in spatial, which just goes through the list of controllers that the spatial is assigned and updates any active controller, so it doesn't really care about the specifics of said controller.

most controllers have a "speed" parameter which will speed up or slow down the time value for updates…

maybe this might help?

Ah yes, the base class Controller does have parameters for repeats, minimum, maximum times etc. Honestly I've never used them especially since those are just parameters and the actual implementation of update is up to you, and I was thinking more about ardor3D's implementation which is just a simple interface.

Unless if a mod comes along, you can just edit the first post's title to answered.