Reflection on obj

Hi can anyone tell me how to get reflections just using a normal obj with a phong shader? What is the best way? Do i have to build a sphere to reflect back the texture or do i have to build a different type of shader?  Thanks for any help


Use environmental mapping; create a reflection texture with a fisheye effect and then use the SPHERE environment mapping on the reflection texture.

ok cool,just tried that. Any ideas on a good chrome material using this method?

Hey Momoko_fan do you know XSI?


if you need info on XSI you should probably read some of their tutorials, etc.

Actually it's following the normal XSI method that leads me astray, as we use environmental nodes plugged into a shader that simply does not translate when seen in JM. Sure you can use a map on the reflection channel, but the results are somewhat poor(so far), so that's why I was asking. Working in 3D everyday does not really prepare you for JMonkey and it's particular ways, so any tips.

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Any one have actual experience of this? Please help.

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