Reflection problem(flipping in y-axis)

For my water reflections, I need to turn everything upside down for rendering. Until now I've done it by scaling the top node y-axis with -1. It all works great on objects that are translated and/or only rotated around the y-axis…if rotated around anything else the flipping offcourse breaks…

Anyone got any ideas on how to perform this in a better way in jME?

What I would really want to do, is apply a reflection matrix on everything as a final step before projection kicks in…But that would mean hacking into the jME core…right?

never mind, I managed to solve it by turning the camera upside down, and then flipping the rendered texture in the x-axis  :smiley: 8)

You frighten me Mr. Coder. :-p


pat pat pat, on the back  }:-@