Registering locators in DesktopAssetManager

In DesktopAssetManager there is a method that registers locators:

public void registerLocator(String rootPath, String clsName){
        Class<? extends AssetLoader> clazz = null;
            clazz = (Class<? extends AssetLoader>) Class.forName(clsName);
        }catch (ClassNotFoundException ex){
            logger.log(Level.WARNING, "Failed to find locator: "+clsName, ex);
        if (clazz != null){
            handler.addLocator(clazz, rootPath);
            if (logger.isLoggable(Level.FINER)){
                logger.finer("Registered locator: "+clazz.getSimpleName());

Shouldn't the clazz be declaret this way:

Class<? extends AssetLocator> clazz = null;

instead of

Class<? extends AssetLoader> clazz = null;


And one small suggestion.

The DesktopAssetManager implements a method

public void registerLoader(Class<?> loader, String ... extensions)

which is not listed in the AssetManager interface.
Wouldn't it be good to enlist it there? :)
It would be helpful for people who, like me, use OSGI in their application  XD
It is quite troublesome to transport a class by name between bundles, but transporting a class definition
makes no problems  :wink:

Of course I can always cast my AssetManager to a proper class and use the method I need, but I think it would be just nice