Registering two-part extensions in AssetManager

I’m working on the jME2 AssetLoader and have only been using jmebin files as that’s mostly what I have around. The jme-xml files would also work with the converter, however. The only question I have is how AssetManager handles extensions. The general naming convention for jme-xml files was “myfile.jme.xml”

So the question is… is this OK?

[java]assetManager.registerLoader(JME2Loader.class, “jme.xml”);[/java]

Or do I need to just supply “xml”? I presume that the OGRE support has a similar challenge

The asset manager can discern suffixes like, yes. Be aware that only the “xml” ending is supported this way, so does not work, it would only check for the yyy ending.

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Great, thanks!