Reinstalling SDK without deleting settings?

Since yesterday my SDK has been refusing to handshake with git to any repo, and I can’t seem to connect to the plugins catalgues either. (git from command line works)
I am using the old 3.0 SDK because I’m working on a long time project that cannot upgrade at this point.

Just before this started to occur I had to force close the SDK which went berserk, as it will do every once in a while if a certain type of fullscreen application is run on my computer (even though it is completely unrelated to the SDK). On such rare occasions the SDK starts spewing exceptions via popup bubbles in the lower right corner (most of which have no real error message), and it starts using almost 100% of my cpu. Simply clicking close on the SDK doesn’t stop it either, so it has to be shot down.

Double checked for proxy settings and even temp disabled my firewall but it has to be some sort of config corruption.

My question is, is there a pain free way to reinstall/repair my ancient 3.0 SDK? For the moment I can keep on working by using git from command line but I’d hate to disrupt my workflow by losing all the open projects, tabs, color schemes, and libraries by doing a clean reinstall if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Edit: There’s also this but I have not did this one before. Not sure what version of NB 3.0 uses.

Hey, thanks for the link(s). I managed to restore my stuff after a clean reinstall without too much hassle.

Turns out the reinstall was unnecessary, and that having a Java 7 JDK as the default jdk was the culprit of blocking git. I switched it to 8 via the “jdkhome” value at /etc/jmonkeyplatform.conf" and now git works just fine.

Sadly, the plugins interface still refuses to connect. This also applies to my 3.1 SDK and Netbeans 8.1 installations.

Unable to connect to the jMonkeyEngine SDK Stable because of
http:// updates.jmonkeyengine. org/stable/3.0/plugins/updates.xml
(EDIT: ^ i broke the link intentionally, I don’t recommend going to it right now)

Unable to connect to the NetBeans Distribution because of Zero sized file reported at

I can download the netbeans catalog file (in the second quote block) and it’s not empty, so I don’t know why it refuses to work.

As for the updates xml thing in the first block, the jme updates subdomain seems… hacked? the path in the first quote leads to a 404 error, but if i tired just the subdomain, it brought me to a page that started autoplaying music and looked like it was hit by some hacker. I broke the link in my message just in case it tries to do something malicious to visitors.

Sorry for the late answer. To answer the question in case someone is looking at it at a later time:
The SDK stores settings in ~/.jmonkeyplatform and maybe ~/.jmonkeyplatform-installer where ~ is the User Folder on proper OSes and AppData/Roaming on Windows.

Things like the libraries are stored in nbproject folder next to the source code so it’s not lost.

updates.jmonkeyengine is down and (at least the domain) won’t come back any soon. We lost that server and due to our team size we’re not able to really maintain that anymore. SO there is only updating via downloading the installer from github everytime sadly. On the other hand releases don’t happen too often :smiley:

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