Relationship of Ogre .scene and .materials files?

Hi all,

I’m having trouble getting my head around the purpose of the files generated by the Ogre exporter from Blender, and some gentle advice would be nice!

I export +scene +meshes +materials from Blender, and I end up with a .scene file, a .materials file plus several .xml files for the objects. So far so good.

The latest material I added in Blender is misbehaving (despite having the same settings as previously working materials - except for the image - lord knows why?!), so I open up the .materials file in jMonkey to have a look…

Fiddling with the settings in the .materials file seems to have no effect whatsoever. Indeed, even when I delete the entire CONTENTS of the file and save it, the materials still show in my application! However, when I delete the .materials file itself, all my objects reset to the default red colour.

What gives? Where are the definitions of the materials if not in the .materials file? And if elsewhere, what is the purpose of the .materials file? What am I missing here??

NB: I’m loading the .scene file directly (without converting it to .j30) at this point.

Any hints appreciated.

EDIT: Okay, I sussed why my texture was looking weird… it was the IMAGE DIMENSIONS. 128x512 works. 100x400 gives weird, shiny effects. Apparently ALL image dimensions must be a power of 2… I didn’t know that!!! :slight_smile:

Kinda makes my last question redundant since I solved the issue, but still…

Read the exporter manual. Some material files might be for single models (when they are exported) while the main material file for the scene should contain all materials. Some exporters just create an empty material instead of that.