Release: 0.07

Version 0.07 now available in SVN. See first post for change log.  :slight_smile:

I wonder how can you be so zealous. You are great!  :-o

Nice system.

I had to do several things to get it working:

  • Constructor Shader() doesnt exist, so the materials had compile errors (introduced default constructor to solve it)
  • Tests arent working, all but HDR and DDS Texture test i get errors like this:

    SCHWERWIEGEND G3DSystem 11:44:24 AM: Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[G3D Render Thread,5,main]


    at java.util.Scanner.throwFor(


    at java.util.Scanner.nextFloat(

    at com.g3d.material.J3MLoader.readValueParam(

    at com.g3d.material.J3MLoader.readExtendingMaterialParams(

    at com.g3d.material.J3MLoader.load(

    at com.g3d.material.J3MLoader.load(

    at com.g3d.res.ContentManager.loadContent(

    at com.g3d.res.ContentManager.loadMaterial(

    at g3dtest.fx.TestNormalMapping.simpleInitApp(




    Cant get these woking, same eg in ObjLoader…
  • HDR Test: Got a directBuffer out of memory exception (with more directbuffer [256m] it works)


    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Using LWJGL 2.1.0

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Selected display mode: 640 x 480 x 0 @0Hz

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Display created.

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Renderer: GeForce GTX 260/PCI/SSE2

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Adapter: vga

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: Driver Version: null

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: OpenGL Version: 3.0.0

    INFO LwjglDisplay 11:53:4 AM: GLSL Ver: 1.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

    Intel Core i7, 6gb ram, Vista 64, Java 1.6.0_13 32Bit

    Keep up the good work,



Thanks for the report. I had some issues with SVN and because of that some files were checked in which were not supposed to be there. Can you try updating from SVN and running the tests again?

I've got the same problem with InputMismatchException.

Can you please update from SVN? I am now directly working with the SVN version and it works perfectly fine on my end. All tests are now under the g3dtest package, make sure all other tests have been removed properly after updating.

Just so this thread may be continued on topic and without the need to cross-check other threads for relevant side-info:

Momoko_Fan said:

Whoa, quite a lot has happened in the last few days  :-o
I see that you almost finished the transfer, hopefully all goes well  :)

EDIT SIDENOTE: I dislike "Gorrilla Engine" or whatever it was. This seems to violate a fundamental rule of "marketing" by creating confusion with "customers." If you want to do something like that, why not steal from Linux and have different breeds of monkeys act as the layman's version? For instance Hardy Heron and Gabe Gorilla? Chuck Chimpanzee? Alfred Ape?

The package name is still called g3d and some parts of the code mention it. What should be the root package name? Should I change it to com.jme?

I was just looking at Ardor3D and while I'm certainly not against competition, or creating an engine just for the sake of creating it, and I'm not trying to stir anything up, I am curious how the 3.0 branch would be substantially different from what is known about Ardor3D?

At this point I think Ardor3D is attempting to satisfy a large audience, even more so, it seems the focus is mainly toward business 3d applications. For example, some of the changes that were made from jME2 include a shift from single-precision floating point to double-precision, which would increase accuracy, but as a consequence decrease performance and increase memory usage (not good for games and other performance-intensive applications). Another change would be the adoption of build systems like Maven and Hudson which work well for large-scale codebases.
Really Ardor3D is more jME than jME3 is (if that makes sense..). renanse took the entire jME2 codebase, and made changes to it from there. On the other hand, for jME3, I created many components from scratch while taking others from jME2. Renanse's path provides more compatibility with jME2 applications, but my path allows more drastic improvements to core components. So in short, jME3 and Ardor3D are quite different and aiming at different audiences and so not really competing with each over.

I guess anything currently labeled g3d should either be renamed to jme or possibly jme3 to symbolize that it is after all very much from scratch.

[quote author=[IR]Radek link=topic=10829.msg84951#msg84951 date=1243253752]

I've got the same problem with InputMismatchException.


Hey, I fixed that problem in my local copy  :slight_smile:

I found out that the java Scanner class reads floats depending on your Locale, in US it accepts floats formatted this: "7.13" while in Europe it accepts: "7,13".

This caused the exception, I fixed it by explicitly specifying locale: