Release Managment

Hi People…ok now we pushed the version 2.0.1. But we don't have to forget about the responsiblity that jME has quite a good status now, and when downloading the 2.0.1_stable-package what do you get? Nothing…really nothing! Just three directories and you don't know what to do and where to start. We must not think out of the developers sight but out of curious peoples eyes that what just to see that it is real, that jME can really do this unbelibale eyes.

In the last "stable" version we had minimum a batch-starter that could start the demos so that the people could see that the demos really worked… That is minimum! Just want to mention it,…it was the first time now I really looked into that "stable"-files and yes,…I could be one who change this and I will…Actually there are too much of the same questions about how to start in the forum and now I know why…

Who will help in getting a good welcome package? Otherwise people that awe will loose people that are curious  about jME in about 2 seconds…

Have a nice weekend,


The batch script is a good idea, i wouldn't pack everything into a single jar tho.

There should be a entry on the wiki on googgle code which explains what the download is for, or have it point to the jme wiki.

I agree, big huge file is too much! The structure now as it is, is better. In the old huge jar was only the source + class-files

Did you also pack the linux-"batchfile". Sry I'm on the run but here some additional files I found from the last package: