Releasing 2.0 pre-alpha

Hey guys,

So Rikard and I want to get the initial 2.0 work we've done out there before JavaOne.  What's still holding us up is two things…

  1. It's going to be in a new repo (svn), so just the logistics of preparing that and whatnot.  I've personally never used svn either.  (Not sure about Rikard)  So maybe some questions there.
  2. There's one place in the jme core that has a bit of bone related code that I'm not sure yet if we have permission to add.

    I'll try to get some clarification on that second point, or refactor the code out of core asap.  Could one of the other devs take charge of preparing and instructing us all on the new svn repo?  I know we had some movement there, but not sure how we left it.

    One other thing I'd like to clarify if it's not already clear…  this code is not "2.0" release, it's more like a "2.0 pre alpha" release.  There are a lot of structural changes (such as all the new enums), and many areas of new features and better opengl support.  It also appears to run certain things a lot faster.  But there's also a lot of things we wanted to do (new shader system, threaded rendering) before releasing even this much to the public that we just did not have the free time to do.  We've been promising it for a long time though, and I know you all are anxious to get your hands on it as well.  :)  Sorry it's taken this long; with some of your help though it could be released this week.

SVN (googlecode) is the CVS ( version from 22. November 2007. If you have incorporated the changes to the (cvs) core into your local version you can do the following:

a) check out svn

b) copy your local version over it (without .svn or CVS folders)

c) check in to svn

(if you're using Eclipse you'll need the subclipse plugin, first)

Are we definitely going googlecode then, iirc we had thought of still using

If you're used to working with CVS in Eclipse, just install Subclipse. On the surface it will not feel very different at first… (of course SVN will enable you to do a lot things CVS can't and it will be faster to do large checkins and such). I also prefer Subclipse over the other Eclipse SVN plugin (forgot the exact name, EclipseSVN or something?).

As for a choice of repositories: do either or google code (or some other host) offer SVN over HTTP access? (would be nice for people behing corporate firewalls)

renanse said:

Are we definitely going googlecode then, iirc we had thought of still using

Oh, I didn't even recall was offering svn as well... will we use that then? If yes, we need someone at Sun convert+copy the repo...

Seems like google code allows anonymous checkout over http. edit: looks like can do the same.

I'm open to either place. seems appropriate, but google seems more likely to be reliable and flexible.

I would agree that Google would be more reliable. has had a lot of problems over the years.  In addition, we are likely to get a lot of extra hits given that we'll automatically be findable by search engines directly to our source code.  They also have the ability to search the source code which might come in handy as well.

Ok, if we all agree that google code is best, let's go for it…

Anyone know a good way to do step B on irrisor's list without manually hunting for and removing all the cvs folders/files?

make a copy of your jme folder, then…

windows: open jME folder in explorer hit F3 (search), choose find files, file type "Folder", enter CVS, go -> select all CVS folders in the list, hit delete :slight_smile:

linux: find path/to/jme -name CVS -exec rm -rf {} ;

osx: same as linux?

Or in Eclipse right-click on the project, Team -> Disconnect and check the box that says to delete the CVS files.

Precious IDEA doesn't have this Irrisor?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Update on this… Our boss gave us the go ahead to contribute back everything we have in jme core, so we're ready to go.  I'll either do this Monday, or go into the office on the weekend.

btw… It would help if I was added to the google code project.  :)  my gmail account is renanse at gmai

As I still have admin privileges and I thought it's ok with Mark, I've added you as admin, too.

Thanks.  I don't think he'll have a problem since he's not been doing much on the jME part of the code for a long time now.