Removal of sun.misc.Unsafe in Java 9

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Just read about this in

and here : A Post-Apocalyptic sun.misc.Unsafe World

Also in this document sun.misc.Unsafe - Google Docs there was list of some bunch of APIs and frameworks which will suffer from deprecating of sun.misc.Unsafe . LWJGL and JME also was included in the list.
(it seems LWJGL3 will have not much problem with it as i understand from discussion from the first post)

Will it impact JME ?

(Anyway I am a noob about such things but thought you might find it interesting) :relaxed:

It’s to early to tell at this point. Java 9 was so-posed to come out last December, it missed that date, now we are looking at end of 2016. It will probably miss that date as well. JEP 260 is just a proposal at this point. So far JEP 260 is NOT part of Java 9.

If JEP 260 gets implemented this is how it will happen:

  • Encapsulate all non-critical internal APIs by default: The modules that define them will not export their packages for outside use. (Access to such APIs will be available, as a last resort, via a command-line flag at both compile time and run time, unless those APIs are revised or removed for other reasons.)

  • Encapsulate critical internal APIs for which supported replacements exist in JDK 8, in the same manner and with the same last-resort workaround. (A supported replacement is one that is either part of the Java SE 8 standard (i.e., in a java.* or javax.* package) or else JDK-specific and annotated with @jdk.Exported (typically in a com.sun.* or jdk.* package).)

  • Not encapsulate critical internal APIs for which supported replacements do not exist in JDK 8 and, further, deprecate those which have supported replacements in JDK 9 with the intent to encapsulate them, or possibly even remove them, in JDK 10.

Critical internal APIs for which replacements are introduced in JDK 9 will be deprecated in JDK 9 and either encapsulated or removed in JDK 10.



This example shows what will replace Unsafe in Java 1.9. There is no need to worry for the developers using JMonkeyEngine 3 with JOGL.