Remove controllers for RenderStates completely?

Does anyone use these? Could you do the same thing without them in? Each render state has all 10 empty controller spots checked, and that’s for every renderstate in the graph. This seems like it really adds up and I doubt anyone even uses them.

I don’t have a problem with their removal, the original intent was to allow state changes automatically, such as animating textures and the like, but I (nor anyone else) ever actually wrote any of these controllers. I personally don’t have any plans to write any, and there are probably better ways to handle such things anyways, so I don’t mind the removal of the checks.

Then how will you have animating textures in jme?

The same function could be handled by writing your own update code to manipulate a TextureState rather than forcing all renderstates to run through empty lists of controllers. I vote to remove them.

I have removed the render state controllers.