Removing Bitmap Text objects from BloomFilter processing (Solved)

Hello all! I’ve lurked through these forums quite a bit lately as there is almost always someone who has encountered the same issue I’ve had at some point or another. However this time my lurking abilities have failed me :disappointed:

I’m having difficulty trying to remove Bitmap text from the bloom filter. My normal method is to set the RenderQueue to Transparent and the depth test to true, however Bitmaps appear to function differently than the other spatial’s I’ve used. My code so far in attempting to remove it from the Bloom processing:

        BitmapFont fnt = assetManager.loadFont("Interface/Fonts/Default.fnt");
        BitmapText txt = new BitmapText(fnt, false);
        txt.setBox(new Rectangle(0, 0, 2, 1));
        txt.setSize( 0.5f );

        for (int i = 0 ; i < fnt.getPageSize() ; i++){

This doesn’t seem to work… Any and all help would be appreciated!

Setting the queue bucket to transparent shouldn’t keep them out of the bloom. Setting them to the translucent bucket might if you put the translucent filter after bloom.

Otherwise, if it’s rendered before bloom filters then it gets bloom.

Wow that was a quick response :open_mouth:

You are most definitely correct! Translucent is actually what I used in the past, I don’t know why I thought it was transparent. My bad. Translucent works, thanks pspeed!

I’ll also take a better look into the queue bucket since I have clearly misused it.