Removing default image of an element

Here’s a proposition to do what the titles suggests.

As it is, the setColorMap(…) method doesn’t play nice if you give it a null. The following fixes it.


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— Base (BASE)
+++ Locally Modified (Based On LOCAL)
@@ -1940,6 +1940,13 @@

public void setColorMap(String colorMap) {
  •        if (colorMap == null) {
  •            // Assume we want to completely remove the background image.
  •            mat.clearParam("ColorMap");
  •            // Do the same we do in constructor.
  •            mat.setColor("Color", defaultColor);
  •            return;
  •        }
      Texture color = null;
      if (screen.getUseTextureAtlas()) {
      	if (this.getElementTexture() != null)	color = getElementTexture();


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Thanks for this. I need to double check how this plays with atlasing, but will add for sure.