Removing plugins from the repository

I would like to remove my JMEPaging plugin because I put all the stuff inside the grass/tree library now. Is there a way for me to do that? I can’t find out how. Thanks. //Androlo

Select the plugin in the list of “installed plugins” and press uninstall?

Err but if you uninstall the plugin you cannot use the library anymore :? Whats the point?

D’oh you mean the plugin itself from the repository. Why do you want to 100% combine both? It seems to me not everyone would be interested in both.

Yes I ment removing the files from the repository completely.

I don’t think there’s any point in continuing the paging plugin on its own. It’s needed for the grass so it has to be included with that (as for now), but i think the terraingrid system will be a better alternative for geometry paging anyways. plus its already in the jme core.

I’m hoping I could integrate the grass/trees with the terraingrid more, and make use of its paging and all the procedural stuff etc. I have a feeling it would make scene-composer integration a whole lot easier.

I have it all in the grass-plugin now, which is finished and submitted btw,

Okay I’ll just switch them then. You can also do that by changing the trunk/nbproject/ file.

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