Render Model over everything else

I know that many other topics ask this and answer this question in some way but my problem is, I am creating an FPS, like most other people, and the gun attached to the camera goes through walls. I wonder if it is possible to render it over the top of everything, like in the HUD. I tried attaching it to the HUD and gui as well as changing the QueueBucket of the model to Bucket.GUI although everytime it doesnt work and doesnt show. Does anyone have an idea of how to stop the gun from going through walls?

It doesnt work because it isnt a problem with the Frustrum of the camera but, I believe that it is something to do with the rendering of the gun.

What if you change the Poly offset to something extreme? That should do it I guess.

You can setup a separate viewport over your scene to render whatever you want…

I posted a ViewPortState that makes it easier… (sad I had to use google to find it and it only found the one on the test site. :stuck_out_tongue: ):

The forum search only works on the post title (duh buddypress?) but we have a custom google search to the right, it should not display pages from…?

Yeah, I missed it the first time around because it looks like a little faded image under the giant download link. :slight_smile: