Render objects close to cam

Hi. I have a problem when my cam gets close to objects. More specifically when the cam is as close to a cube as possible, using bullet physics, the cube’s side facing towards the cam isn’t rendered. I tried setting the playerNode’s stepsize and radius to a greater value but that had side effects. I assume that extending the cube’s bounds beyond its physical volume would have side effects as well.

Is there any way to have the cam be close to an object and still render it?

I tried searching the forum and wiki but found nothing except tweaking parameters which didn’t resolve my issue. Please help :slight_smile:

Its the camera frustum, nothing to do with physics, set the near plane closer (see cam methods&javadoc).

Ah I see normen.

That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot.

Maybe the topic should be deleted, or perhaps just moved to a more appropriate catagory?