Render on GPU and CPU

Hello everybody,

I'm working with an optimization over a pathfinder implemented on GPU using jCUDA and jME. I noticed that even if I implement the calculations of the positions on the GPU, the result is not very encouraging, so I was thinking for the better only paralleling all, and some days I have been thinking about how to parallelize the rendering on the GPU using the structure that jME already has and I have been using.

Also I have other characters in another implementation running which means we have a guy in CPU and rendering these new friends in GPU.

So one would help to define this, if anyone here has any experience or idea how to do this? Anything will be very welcome.

I suugest if even brute force jcuda is not helping, that you rethink your complete concept, and change it out for better scaling algorithms, at least other games have no problems calulating pathfinding in cpu.

Hi Empire,

I understand your ideia, but I need a lot of characters interacting in my environment, today I have been using software agents using rules based pathfinder in CPU.

For some time I have been analized pathfinder algorithms on the GPU with CUDA, I have implemented some, but I need more rich environment for visualization and also that the agents created before the interaction with new actors on the GPU. I'm trying to think of how this process and return the best with the least loss to be viewed.

I put some links here to work in this area:

In GPU Gems 3, there is also an implementation.