Render particle system in a separate pass

Is there a way to render a particle system, or any geometry, in a separate pass?

Is the preferred way to setup another viewport with the geometries attached to this?

Well I dont know exactly how it is done, but for example the bloom processor renders a additional pass with forced glow technique , you might be able to do a similar thing.

I know how that one works, but it’s not what I’m looking for :confused: but thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

The best way I have found for now is sticking them in the translucent bucket. I know it’s a half way solution but at least you can move forward with your project, and then come back later and pester the developers to give us custom buckets :wink:

@thetoucher custom buckets would indeed be neat, found myself thinking that’s the solution to some other problems I had recently.

Currently I’m just doing some experiments so there isn’t that much to move on with :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna stick it in another viewport for now… makes me feel a bit ugly, but it will work :slight_smile:

@kwando if it’s soft particle that you want, there is an implementation in the core. But the API is not good enough IMO.

Put your particles in the translucent bucket add a TranslucentBucketFilter and feed the constructor with true.


Did not know about that there was soft particles in the engine already :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it does almost what I want, but I need the particle emitter to be outputted to another texture/render target so I can play with it in a fancy filter of mine…

Having it attached to another viewport would work, but then I would have to “sync” the position of the flare with my main scene graph…

@kwando said:
Did not know about that there was soft particles in the engine already :P

I didn't announce it because it's kinda still a wip....hope nobody read that post... :D

what do you mean by the "flare"?


ah, flare==emitter… was up all night coding a really nice post process lens flare (I know they are so 2001, but still) :stuck_out_tongue: