Render problems: Model with transparent Windows and Inside faces

Hello everybody,

i have create a spaceship model in blender. This model has a transparent windows on cockpit. I use solidify modifier to create thickness ; the inside of cockpit. When i render this model in SceneComposer inside dosn´t render.

Inside of cockpit is render but not everywhere. Red border mark errors.

Render with SceneComposer from right side

Render with SceneComposer from left side

In blender is was correct but if i change the gray material inside of cockpit i become the same error.

Render with BlenderRender without change material.

Render with BlenderRender with change material.

Normals inside of cockpit look at inside.

BlenderRender edit modus show normals inside of cockpit

This picture below show the “thickness” of cockpit

Render with BlenderRender.

I export the model from blender with orge-exporter. I create a new material with jme3-sdk and set baked diffuse, alpha, glow and normal map.

Material My Material : Common/MatDefs/Light/Lighting.j3md {
 MaterialParameters {
    NormalMap : Models/ship/normal.png
    GlowMap : Models/ship/glow.png
    AlphaMap : Models/ship/alpha.png
    DiffuseMap : Models/ship/diffuse.png
    Minnaert : true
AdditionalRenderState {
  Blend Alpha
  FaceCull Off


I test with and without FaceCull Off and default (i think front).
I add model in queue bucket, Opaque, Transparent and Translucent.

Please help me.

Ok, this question is coming too often now. Usually we have to wait at least three days and now it’s coming almost daily.

Please search the forum for alpha sorting, alpha transparency, alpha depth buffer sorting, etc… you will probably find a bunch of threads on nearly exactly this problem.

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