Render States

Just an update. I’m almost finished with render states. I have the core design in, such that you add a render state to any node (Node/Geometry) and that state is set for that node and any children.

I have: AlphaState, DitherState, FogState, LightState, MaterialState, ShadeState, WireframeState finished.

Only ones left are TextureState and ZBufferState.

I do need to figure out the best way to restore the state when traveling back up the tree. Just in case a child alters a state set for a parent, I don’t want that alteration to affect siblings.

ZBufferState is finished.

Now it’s just texture state. This is going to take some time. I want to use the TextureManager from the current jME. But I only want it to create the data (not load a texture as that requires access to the rendering API). So I need it to create a texture object which the state will use to bind and generate textures.

Renderstates are complete, please take a moment to check out CVS and take a look at them.

I’ll be working on getting the tutorial document updated and then work on controllers.