Render To A buffer With Transparency Management


I'm having troubles to find a solution to my problem. I explain, I'm rendering a model to a buffer to get it as a texture. I cannot use a texture manager because of compatibility problems so I'm using the main renderer.

I need to get the model as an image, but only the model and not the background. What I'm doing know is setting the background to a specific color and transform this color to have no opacity around the model. The problem is as soon as I use antialisaing, The borders of the object are not fully opaque and then I get some noise around my model.

So I was wondering, is there any way to render on a "transparent" background without texture renderer?

I hope I've been clear :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,


You mention compat issues… You tried both Pbuffer and fbo versions?

Yeah on one of the computer we work on the PBuffer is not even working.