Render translucent objects and solid objects within same mesh

I’m curious how to render translucent objects along with solid in the same mesh. I know the renderbuckets at the moment can only be applied to geometries.

I was thinking that maybe I could figure out a way to pass in the voxel coordinates of the translucent block but I’d have to change the shaders (of which i have almost 0 knowledge).
Basically is there an easier way? Would my idea even work?

When you say translucent is it completely transparent? If it is you have to use a texture with an alpha channel and the alpha discard threshold of the lighting material and let your object in the opaque bucket.

If it’s semi transparent (with areas you can see through but not completely transparent) you’ll have to do the same, but put your object in the transparent bucket. (even if there are opaque parts)

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Single mesh cannot have multiple materials from very definition.
What you can do is to render entire object as traslucent/transparent, but then have per-vertex alpha, which will be 1 for opaque parts.