Render under Linux server

Hello, all.

I need to render scene from com.jme.scene.Spatial on Linux server without XWindow and videocard on it.

As a result I expect simple image (JPEG, PNG or other) (Camera locate on any fixed point).

Is it possible to render image under this infrastructure using Jme?

Maybe I have to use Mesa3d or something else?

Can anybody help me with that?


Jme has no software renderer so rendering without a graficcard won't work.

XWindows ect however is only needed if you actually want to display what you renderer. For example you could render to a rexture and safe that one from time to time to a file

jME doesn't require a video card to work, it requires an OpenGL implementation. Mesa3D is an OpenGL implementation so it should work. It's possible to run jME in headless mode (e.g without a display window) and then it is possible to render into images, etc.