Renderer Not Rendering Properly in Fullscreen [Solved]

Hi guys, usually when I’m running my application I run my application in windowed(?) mode so I can see my code still but I decided to run it in full screen because that’s how I would probably actually play my game. However I went into full screen mode and things started to “break apart” when I rotated the camera and they broke apart more and more when I rotated it faster and faster. It seems like only parts of the screen were rendering in real time. My fps was saying it was fine and was at around 200 so that was not an issue. I then decided to see if it was based on the size of my application so I made a really big (not full screen) window and it didn’t do any of this breaking apart. I tried screen shooting this but apparently the screenshot thing on windows does not capture things that are in full screen? I tried doing a screen recording also but that also cannot capture something in full screen it seems. I decided I guess ill draw an image below showing what I see happening to everything. I know this probably isn’t very helpful to solving the problem I am just hoping that based on what I’m describing someone has experienced this before and knows a solution to this annoying problem. I am running windows 10 if that makes a difference.

Heres my detailed drawing :sweat_smile: Any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Friendly advice here:
Break your text into(3-5 line) paragraphs.
Break your code into methods. :wink:

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Try to enable VSync in the start screen.

Else, what hardware do you use? Which JME (SDK) version?

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Vsync solved the issue completely. Ill make sure I’ll enable v sync in the setting when I start up the app from now on.

Thanks for helping me out again guys :slight_smile: