Rendering as quads

Hi all. Kinda new to JME and so far I likes it. You guys have got a good thing going on here.

Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to render out models as quads instead of triangles? I know how to do it in OpenGL, but I'm not to sure how it should be done with JME. I'm trying to make a model viewer and would eventually like to give the user the option to see their model in quad form. This will be helpful when doing critiques and reviews. Thanks and C ya. :smiley:

Look into ImposterNodes and maybe BillBoard for the orientation (not sure if you need this)

Thanks but I didn't mean for rendering just quads or billboards. I meant more like when you render an actual model like a character in wireframe mode. Instead of tris, can I have the character model in quads? This is what most of the artist I work with are used to looking at and critiquing inside Max, Maya, and Blender. In those apps you can set you models to be shown as tris but we usually work with quads.

On the jme end there is com.jme.scene.batch.QuadBatch and com.jme.scene.BatchMesh. I'm not sure about support for quad meshes in model importers, you might need to write your own importer (or modify an existing one) to support quad meshes.

Besides, right now only TriMesh is supported for picking, so beware if using Quads.