Rendering breaks when nothing is rendered in the post viewport

Does someone have an idea why my rendering breaks as soon as I set both setDisplayFps(false); and setDisplayStatView(false);

The rendermanager of my app looks like this (I added the clear flags for each viewport as well):

 > VideoBGView(c=true,d=false,s=false):
 > Default(c=false,d=true,s=false):
    > Scenes:
       > Root Node
 > Gui Default(c=false,d=false,s=false):
    > Processors:
       > com.jme3.niftygui.NiftyJmeDisplay@647f155b
    > Scenes:
       > Gui Node

Everything works fine until I switch the debug output off (setDisplayFps(false) and setDisplayStatView(false)) , when I do so the content of the Default viewport is only drawn when I move the camera, when the debug ui is on top of the main viewport everything looks fine. Did I set the clear flags wrong?

On desktop?
I already got this on android, but never on desktop.

In one of my games I had to put a blank text in the ui to work around the issue. I didn’t investigate it much, that issue seems to pop here and there on the forum.

Yes my main problem is Android but I was pretty sure I also saw it on the desktop once :wink:

Here is my bugfix method, if someone runs into the same problem:

private void hideAllDebugUi(SimpleApplication app) {
	for (Spatial spatial : app.getGuiNode().getChildren()) {
		String spatialName = spatial.getName();
		if (spatialName != null && spatialName.contains("Stat")) {
			Log.w(LOG_TAG, "Will not render debug ui " + spatialName);

Just to confirm, what Android device is this and what OS version?
We had reports before about this, but it is hard to reproduce since it only occurs on certain devices.

The problem occurs on a OnePlus One with Android 4.4.4

OK, that’s another one with an Adreno GPU (this issue so far only appeared on Adrenos). I’ll try to get access to one of those Adreno based devices and test …